The Women Environmental Programme (WEP) Nigeria, a non-governmental organization in Benue State has equipped over 100 farmers with vital skills that will further bolster food production and tackle climate change in the state. The Deputy Director of WEP Nigeria, John Baaki, explained the primary objective of the training initiative. He noted the necessity of empowering farmers, particularly those in vulnerable circumstances, to utilize indigenous materials such as neem seeds and local soap to fabricate organic agricultural inputs.  The training, aptly named ‘Actions to Combat Climate Threats in Nigeria,’ spanned two intensive days. It formed part of WEP Nigeria’s ongoing endeavors in the communities of Adaka and Apir, both situated in the Makurdi local government area, and was funded by Christian Aid. Baaki emphasized the imperative nature of the program in light of the pervasive effects of climate change, both globally and locally. He stressed the organization’s commitment to assisting vulnerable populations in adapting to the evolving environmental landscape. The training sessions were targeted at a diverse demographic, encompassing women, men, and youths. This inclusive approach ensures that knowledge dissemination extends beyond the immediate participants, reaching broader communities untouched by the project’s direct outreach. Through comprehensive training sessions, these farmers have been adeptly educated on harnessing local resources to create biofertilizers, pesticides, and other organic farming essentials. It will further fortify food security within the state by promoting sustainable agricultural practices.  


Jairus Awo

Jairus Awo is a Nigeiran Muiltimedia public interest journalist. He believes in the power of the media as a catalyst to development and societal growth. You can tip him an idea on [email protected]

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