In a heartwarming display of solidarity, Ofu K’Idoma for Unity and Development Association, a prominent socio-cultural organisation based in Abuja, has stepped up to provide much-needed aid to communities ravaged by recent violent crises. Amid the absence of support from state, federal, and local government authorities, affected communities in Apa and Otukpo Local Government Areas of Benue State, including Ikobi, Opaha, Ugbobi, Umogidi, Ojantelle, and Ijegwu, have found solace in the generosity of Ofu K’Idoma. Led by its Chairman, Mr. Emmanuel Abechi, the organisation made a heartening donation of essential food items to representatives of the affected communities.  Expressing his regret over the lack of institutionalised support systems during emergencies, Mr. Abechi emphasised the importance of establishing a culture of corporate social responsibility within the local community. “We are laying a foundation for a culture of Corporate social responsibility such that our people can help others in need”, Abechi said.  Accompanying him were Alhaji Dahiru Ali, the secretary of Ofu K’Idoma, and Tony Okwa, projects and community development committee chairman. Reacting, Chief Acha Ocheche, the village head of Ojantelle, spoke on behalf of the recipients, wholeheartedly expressing gratitude to Ofu K’Idoma for their kindness. He called upon other socio-cultural and […]


Jairus Awo

Jairus Awo is a Nigeiran Muiltimedia public interest journalist. He believes in the power of the media as a catalyst to development and societal growth. You can tip him an idea on [email protected]

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