The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) said that 87 million Permanent Voters Cards (PVCs) have been collected by Nigerians in preparation for the February 25th Presidential and National Assembly elections. The commission also disclosed that about 6 million PVCs are yet to be collected.  Although the numbers of PVCs holders and vote-ready Nigerians might have increased compared with 2019 when only 72 Million PVCs were collected, they are some indices that may slur political participation across the country. Tarza Joel, 47, of Apir Ugondo of Makurdi Local Government of Benue is one of the over 2 million  Benue citizens who have collected their PVCs and are ready to vote in the coming elections, However, the chances that Tarza would vote are minimal. Tarza Joel is a father of three with disabilities who earns a living through shoemaking. He lamented how the cash swap has been unfriendly to him in the middle of fuel scarcity, which is a factor that could put him out of his polling unit. “Accessing cash over the past five days has been a daunting task. Just yesterday, I went to the market to purchase foodstuffs. Sadly, I returned with nothing because the transfer I initiated was […]

Engr. Ogbolo Aaron Eje, an Abuja-based Civil and Structural Engineer and the CEO of Jebstructs Nigeria Limited and Skyprime Detail Engineering Limited gives his 108 yrs old father a befitting burial for a life well spent. Pa Ogbolo Daniel Onah lived between 1914-2022 and was known as a successful farmer, a community leader, and a philanthropist whose life had impacted so many lives both living and dead. At Pa Ogbolo’s residence at Okpenehi-Ada-Iyeche of Oju LGA of Benue State between 28th and 29th December 2022, were dignitaries and mourners cutting across traditional leaders, both serving and non serving political office holders, business associates of his children, religious and community leaders recounting memories. PA. Ogbolo’s biography Papa Ogbolo Daniel was born in 1914 to the family of late Chief Onah Aju popularly known as Obachi Onyukwu and Ohiama Ogigbo in Oyidoma ( Anchimeba) of Okpenehi Ada-Iyeche, Igede Oju LGA Benue State Nigeria. He was the 5th child in a polygamous family of 18 children. Late Pa Ogbolo had no privilege of formal western education standard but he passed through a system of education called “organiser” he was later withdrawn by his late father whose ideology largely favoured farming as a then […]

“The phenomenon of “press release journalism” in the Middle belt region has overtime, hindered the uncovering of valuable facts and realities of critical sectors in the area.  thereby limiting the effect of the people’s will – a menace he frequently said must be halted.” By: Bryan Ula. A bid to respond to the clamors for quality reportage in the middle belt region of Nigeria births a sustainable initiative and regional news media, “Middlebelt Reporters.” The online media platform on Friday 9th December 2022, commenced a 3Days compulsory virtual Capacity Training for 28 selected early career journalists on high-quality reportage focusing on investigative reporting and human interest stories among others emanating from the region. North Central Nigeria also regarded as a middle-belt region consists of six states Benue, Kogi, Kwara, Nasarawa, Niger, Plateau, and the Federal Capital Territory, FCT Abuja. Speaking during the training, the host and founding partner of Middle belt reporters, Jairus Awo, emphasized the essence of its existence noting that the phenomenon of “press release journalism” in the Middle belt region has overtime, hindered the uncovering of valuable facts and realities of critical sectors in the area.  thereby limiting the effect of the people’s will – a menace […]

Where conventional ride hailing apps have fallen short, HerRyde is working to ensure safety for women in Nigeria as both drivers and passengers. By:  SHADE MARY-ANN OLAOYE Abuja, Nigeria (Minority Africa) — Toyin Agboola was the driver waiting for me after I ordered my ride. In a pool of over 80 women, she is one of the drivers providing commercialised transport services with HerRyde, a women-driving-women platform.  The ride-hailing app was launched in Abuja in August this year by Monsurah Oluwafuyi (CEO), Muhammad Muazu (COO) and Kamaldeen Ibrahim (CPO) to provide a safer option for women passengers and commercial drivers. At 47 years old, Agboola has always liked driving but never thought it would be a job for her until January, when she saw a Bolt advert on Google Ads that encouraged women to take up commercial driving. As a Bolt driver, Agboola had to accept requests from both men and women. In some cases where her passengers were women, they would express their comfort with having a woman driver but where they were men, Agboola says they would sometimes express their reservation at the idea of being driven by a woman. “I have had occasions where I would pick […]

Young queer Nigerians reflect on their experiences of coming out in conservative Nigeria. There is hope for a brighter future. By: RABIAT MADAKI (Minority Africa) — In his sophomore year of college, 21-year-old Alex came out as gay to his middle-aged conservative Yoruba mother. He had gotten tired of the hetero-normative ideals his mother forced on him. “She was always going on about when I’ll get a wife and kids,” he says. During one of her tirades about having a traditional family, Alex snapped and decided to come out. “I had considered it for a while, but the thing about coming out is that you don’t really plan for it. It just happens, it’s not like today you wake up and say you’re coming out,” he says. Much like many conservative parents, Alex’s mother viewed his sexuality as a problem that needed spiritual intervention and she immediately dragged him to see a pastor to “cure” his homosexuality. Conversion therapy is an all too common problem that many LGBTQ+ youths from conservative backgrounds endure. Such negative reactions to coming out is mostly prevalent in deeply religious and conservative households. The pastor who Alex’s mother took him to wanted him to stay […]

A 2020 research by The Conversation showed that over 90% of reported rape victims in two major Nigerian newspapers were women. While not a conclusive picture of rape in Nigeria, the research is evidence that there are very few reported cases of male rape in Nigeria. This new film delves into why. By: SAMUEL BANJOKO Ogun, Nigeria (Minority Africa) — A friend casually mentioning the harassment massage therapists face led Godwin Harrison to start working on the script of Happy Ending in 2020. The movie set out to tell a story of how power dynamics and sexualization, despite professionalism, lead to harassment for massage therapists. But Happy Ending does more than that; it touches on another often avoided subject: male rape. “I wanted to tell a story mostly on the ills massage therapists face,” Harrison says. “They go for a session, and the next thing, the client already has this mentality that they have to give him or her a happy ending. That was the initial concept. But when I started writing the script in 2021,  [it] took me on a journey which led me to male rape.”  A 28-year-old filmmaker, who is based in Nigeria’s capital city, Abuja, Harrison […]


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Jairus Awo is a Nigeiran Muiltimedia public interest journalist. He believes in the power of the media as a catalyst to development and societal growth. You can tip him an idea on [email protected]

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